Terms & Conditions in 'Plain English'


All new products are supplied with a Manufacturers return to base warranty, unless stipulated otherwise. It covers parts and labour only, data and software are the sole responsibility of the user. Each warranty will have its own terms and conditions, so please check them carefully.

On site maintenance

If the manufacturers on site maintenance contract option is taken on the computer system, which we strongly recommend, it covers the components supplied by them only. therefore please ask us exactly what is covered at the time of order. ie tape backup units etc, may not be included, as these may be sourced from a different supplier to that of the computer system. Printers, scanners etc, are covered by a different manufacturers return to base warranty, and on site support would be provided by a separate contract, if available. Please ask.

On site contracts specifically exclude software problems, and if a customer requests assistance, and it is subsequently found to be a software problem, a charge could be levied by the contracted Engineers.

In the eventuality of hard drive failure, this will be replaced under warranty, but it will be the customers responsibility to re instate the software and data. Restoration work may be carried out, if requested, but this will be a chargeable service.

If you do not take advantage of the manufacturers on site warranty or one is not available, you will be responsible to get any faulty equipment back to our premises, (irrespective of how inconvenient that may be), where we may need to return the item back to the manufacturers. Faulty equipment is usually missing for several days, so please give due consideration to how this may affect your business.

We can of course, provide an on site service, if requested, but this would be chargeable in line with the rates indicated in our services section (SOS), (irrespective of the cause or reason for the problem). However, the equipment may still need to be returned to the manufacturers, even with our intervention, so please do not depend on this as being an instant solution.

The actual On Site Contract will have its own special terms and conditions, which will vary from manufacturer to manufacturers, so please read them carefully.


We do not accept responsibility for any data loss, however caused, as it is the sole responsibility of the customer to take adequate precautions to safeguard this. We would be more than pleased to advise on ways to protect your data, if this is of interest, please let us know.

If products are returned to us for repair or upgrade etc, you must ensure that a full backup of your data is taken prior to returning it.

We apologise for the bluntness of this assessment, but we feel that customers appreciate knowing exactly what they are responsible for, and the possible dilemmas which may arise before they actually happen, particularly with business usage.

Title to goods does not pass until payment is cleared in full.

If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0114 276 6655