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IT Support Services Sheffield South Yorkshire UK - Smart ComputersNaturally we expect our customers to experience a trouble free service whatever product or service they buy from us. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, technology does not always behave itself. Our superb support services ensure you are covered for every eventuality. Choose from Telephone or On-Site Support for those times when you could use a little extra help.

Telephone Support

60 Days telephone support is provided with all products FREE OF CHARGE. If additional support is required, we can provide unlimited call support, as follows :-

Unlimited telephone support calls @ £250.00 + vat per year

Please note that this should not be a replacement for training. If customers have no experience with a particular product, we would suggest some form of training first, in addition to support services.

On site service

For situations outside the scope of telephone support, or where it is not convenient for you to return your product to us, we can provide an on site service including:

Charges as follows :-

We only charge for the time there, to the nearest minute.

Call us now to get your self covered - 0114 276 6655