Product Range: Office Networks

We are an authorised Novell and Microsoft Reseller, and can offer Networked solutions based on the latest Microsoft and Novell technologies. A complete 'turnkey' solution can be provided, or you can simply request the part of the service which you require.Office Networks Sheffield South Yorkshire - Authorised Novell and Microsoft Reseller

We would be pleased to visit your premises to discuss your particular requirements, and establish exactly which operating system is best for you. As we sell both of the main 'Industry Standard' network operating systems, you can be sure that you get the best advice.

This initial consultation is FREE OF CHARGE, and without obligation. We do not use 'high pressure' sales techniques, so please let us know of your interest.

We can provide all of the necessary software, equipment and training or utilise existing hardware, where appropriate.

What is a network?

Download the guide to Network basics for small businesses (around 30 seconds via a broadband connection)

A network allows you to more easily share information and resources (such as printers) from
one computer to another, which helps you increase employee productivity and reduce costs.
For example, with a network, multiple employees can access the Internet or company e-mail at
the same time, or share the same fax machine or other office equipment. A network can help
you save time and money, protect your business data, and increase efficiencies in your business.
Small businesses that use networks and servers find that the investment pays for itself quickly
through increased productivity. For example, according to a survey published by Forbes*,
increased employee productivity and reduced operating costs help pay for software as well as
hardware, installation and support — on average, within five months. More>


As an independent computer dealer, we can offer an extensive range of different makes of computer equipment, and can offer unbiased recommendations based on your particular requirements, as we are not tied to selling one particular product. Integration with your existing equipment is no problem, and we would be more than pleased to advise on its suitability.

Please investigate our range, in our 'Hardware' section of this site or 'Price List' section for sample prices. Prices & specification are subject to change without notice, so please ask for a written quotation. More >

Data Security

The most important thing that you produce is your Company data. When this is stored locally, on a dedicated server, for example, it is essential that this is protected. Data can be lost in many different ways, ie hardware theft, hardware problems, fire, flood and of course the most common cause – the user along with their delete key! We can make various recommendations in this area from total server duplication, to simple backup procedures, depending on how important maintaining access to your data is.


We can integrate numerous quality software products with your network, ensuring that the most valuable information is available to each user, at the “click of a button”. More >


We can provide a complete cable installation for you, or provide the cable for you to fit yourselves, if cost is a major consideration.


Varying levels of support can be provided, from telephone support to actual 'hands on' On Site Maintenance. We would be more than pleased to provide costings, so the choice is yours.


We have been providing Network Solutions since 1988 and can offer a number of site references. If you would like to discuss the services which we have provided to other customers, please let us know, as we would be more than pleased to put you in touch directly with customers currently running 'live' Smart Computer Novell and Microsoft sites.


We can provide a number of different payment schemes to spread the cost of expenditure over a suitable period of time, and we would be pleased to provide you with a written quotation upon request. Quotations are provided free of charge and without obligation.