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Internet Services and Website Design Sheffield South Yorkshire UKWe would be pleased to advise you on how you can be connected to the Internet, and exactly what you will require. This sounds complicated, but with our help and experience, can be very easy.


We can provide you with all of the necessary hardware, for your Broadband connection, from as little as £15.00 + vat per month (business broadband and less for home use). If speed and security are an issue, we would recommend the use of Broadband in conjunction with a Firewall / Router. This is a box which sits between the telephone socket and the computer system, providing more control over who and what accesses your systems.

We can also provide shared internet access to all required network users. Wireless connections are also available.

Service Providers

We can also make recommendations as to which Internet Service Provider is best for you. and will provide you with suitable E-mail facilities, but Broadband can now be provided (subject to location) for typically £15.00 + vat per month (business broadband, home use will be less). Please select this link for more details :-

Global Internet Access (Roaming)

Access the internet from anywhere in the world, or just here in the UK, using the BT “Openzone Hotspots”. Please note :- A suitable “Wireless LAN” notebook would be required, (which we can provide if you do not already have one), or your existing notebook would need upgrading (which we can also carry out for you).

Web Site Development

Most businesses these days, have an Internet connection and e-mail services. However, many do not yet have a Web presence, and if they do, it is very basic, or unattractive.

We have hundreds of different templates available, using different styles, which provide a very smart and effective Internet presence. We customise this to include details of your particular business. Our packages start from £250.00, which includes 4 pages and a "contact us" page.

If you do not have an Internet connection, or a Domain Name, (or do not even know what a domain name is!) we would be more than pleased to help, and can provide you with full details of what you will require.

Three examples of our work are given below - They are pretty empty, but it gives you an idea of how they could look. For more information please contact us on 0114 276 6655.

Sample Cat Website Sample Business Website Sample Business Website 2

Sample Cat website :- To browse this site, Click here.

Sample Business Website :- To browse this site, click here.

Sample Business Website 2 :- To browse this site, click here.


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