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MSI - USB Webcam - £49.00 + vat


Capture 1.3 Mega Pixels Photos;
Deluxe GLASS Lens Clarity;
Plug-&-Talk Built-in USB Microphone;
Click & Snap Snapshot Button;
Adjustable Focus Lens;
Multi-lingual Software and Driver Installation;
Special effect for fun and digital zoom.

Price £49.00 + vat

Worlds smallest USB 4 Port Hub - £12.98 + vat

Running out of USB Ports?

This could be the answer :-

The worlds Smallest USB 4 Port HUB - Complete with its own power supply

to ensure you do not overload the original USB port.

Price £14.38 + vat

Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 700 - £48.89 + vat

Includes rechargeable optical mouse

The Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 700 is a premium blend of form and function, with superb look and feel, sophisticated controls, and a rechargeable cordless optical mouse. Media enthusiasts will love Logitech's MediaLife software, which brings your entire media library together in a single, easily navigated interface. The LX 700 boasts a broad array of one-touch controls, from audio and video playback, to Instant Messenger status management, to web cam, email, and application launch. It provides two-handed navigation capability, with left side keyboard controls, including a scroll wheel and zoom. The LX700 features advanced digital radio technology for maximum reliability and response. The cordless keyboard and mouse free you from cables. It also features a three button rechargeable cordless optical mouse incorporating scrolling wheel. Keyboard features Internet/Multimedia buttons. A detachable palmrest fits the way you work.

Price £48.89 + vat

Connect3D USB Memory Stick - 1 & 2Gb

Connect3D memory stick


1Gb @ £9.95 + vat

2Gb @ £17.58 + vat



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